Please note due to the nature and scarcity of exotic skins, each item will have its unique patterns and might differ slightly. No two products are identical. The gradation and pigment of gold skins, in particular, might vary due to the nature of the treatment. 


With gentle and infrequent cleaning, you will be able to maintain a bag in noble condition. We recommend following the steps enlisted below to preserve the quality and durability of your Ahikoza bag. 

1. Empty the interior contents of the bag, so it can be laid flat

2. Dampen a soft cloth with warm water and wipe any surface dirt off the bag, going along the same direction of the scales, so they do not lift upwards. The key is to follow the same direction. Pat the bag dry with a dry towel/cloth (note that excess wetness can cause the skin to darken, or lead to mild color depletion. Thus it is important to keep the cloth dry)

3. For areas that need to be cleaned under the scales, dampen a cotton bud with warm water and gently clean under each individual scale, being careful not to lift them more than required 

4. Allow the bag to fully dry in a cool, dim setting (avoid sunlight or harsh lighting conditions). Do not attempt speed drying with heat applicators (blow-dryers etc.) because it will dry out the skin, causing the scales to uplift quicker

5. Cover/store the bag with the soft dust bag provided to avoid dust particles and stains

6. To further ensure longevity of the minaudières, avoid contact of:

• Sharp objects (pet claws, buckles, jewelries, etc.)

• Paints, solvents, varnishes, and aerosols

• Hair cream, perspiration, and body oil will damage faux leather with excessive contact or rub off.