Our Story
Our Story

Founded by Namrata Karad, Ahikoza is an artisanal accessories brand that prides itself on unique design and quality. At its core, the brand's DNA is an aesthetic geometry inspired by architectural installations and sculptures.
The label takes inspiration from Namrata's travels, as well as her appreciation of fine leathers, and contemporary artists she admires.

The use of treatment and hardware across her collection is kept to a minimum, keeping the primary focus on craftsmanship, design and premium raw materials sounded.

Today, Ahikoza has gained a strong following in a contingent of celebrities in Bollywood and Hollywood. The labels signature accessories can be spotted in critically acclaimed films and TV shows, internationally.

In addition, a series of collaborations with notable industry players across international designers, celebrities and stylists have cemented the label's profile. 

While the brand has evolved into various categories, Ahikoza's distinctive candy-coloured clutches remain a coveted accessory, both on and off the red carpet.