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About the Designer

Founded by Namrata Dudaney, Ahikoza is an Exotic Skins brand focused on women’s luxury accessories that prides itself on design and quality. The label is inspired by her global travels and cultural background, alongside her adoration for handbags and exotic skins alike.

After graduating with a Degree in Media & Communications, Namrata went on to enroll in the Melbourne School of Fashion in Australia. Her diploma in Fashion Business cemented her understanding of both design and business fundamentals of the fashion industry.

Together with 5 years of professional experience across the retail, marketing and PR industries, she decided to start her own Label: Ahikoza.











Our Story

The name 'Ahikoza' comes from the Sanskrit words Ahi and Koza. It means the cast of snakeskin. With Namrata's roots tied to India, she wanted a name that uniquely captured the core of the brand. In a saturated luxury accessories market, Namrata wanted to streamline her collection by exclusively focusing on exotic skins. Minimal treatment and hardware are used, keeping the primary focus on craftsmanship and exoticism of the skins.

The label's signature aesthetic is exotics merged with geometrics. The bags are influenced by architectural installations, all intricately crafted to the millimeter. Each handbag of Ahikoza is unique, producing only select pieces of each design and color. Therefore no two items produced will be identical, due to the natural scaling of the skins and scarcity of materials.

From personally sourcing materials to quality control, Namrata oversees every stage of production. The designer also works very closely to the Artisans, who have been personally trained by her. The collection is produced in limited quantities, and also includes individual bespoke pieces, to uphold the brand's commitment to premium quality and authenticity of design.

“With the launch of Ahikoza, we offer a select collection of unique handbag designs in beautiful, bold colors of Exotic Skins. Made by the 21st century woman, for 21st century women. Our designs have something to offer for everyone. The Ahikoza spirit is brought into everything we do, resulting in a streamlined collection of pieces that aim to become valued additions to your wardrobe. We hope you enjoy the product as much as we enjoyed making it for you”

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